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9 Benefits of Getting a Mobile Massage

When you live in the bustling city of Las Vegas, it is essential to minimize the effects of stress on your body. Why should you care about your stress levels? Stress reduces the ability to maintain human relationships. It causes health problems, lowers work productivity, and reduces the overall quality of your life. Are you looking for a way to enjoy the benefits of a massage in Las Vegas from the comfort of your own home? Then treat yourself to a Las Vegas mobile massage session that reduces the stress of daily activities on your body. 

Las Vegas mobile massage sessions help to relieve muscle soreness, body pain, headaches, and other injuries. It improves your sleep patterns and mental health. Here are even more benefits of mobile massage:

Our Las Vegas Mobile Massage Saves You Time

When you book our mobile services, we get to you within 30 minutes. Having your massage done at home saves you time, if you’re a busy person. You save time on commuting to and from a physical shop. If you book an hour of traditional massage therapy, about 10 minutes go to prepping. With our mobile services, you get the entire hour to enjoy a relaxing massage.

It Is Stress-Free

At Las Vegas Massage, we provide different types of massages for your needs. We are convenient, discreet, and safe. The services we offer are:

  • Swedish Massage. We offer soft and gentle massages if you are sensitive to touch or new to massages.
  • Sports Massage. If you engage in physical activity, we’ll provide you with a deep massage to help release the muscle tension.
  • Deep Tissue Massage. This method uses more pressure than the Swedish Massage, if you have chronic muscle pain.
  • Indian Head Massage. We use acupressure massage on the head, face, neck, and shoulders to recharge your body’s energies.

No Long Queues or Waiting In Line

Spas are booked with customers all week.  If you work earlier than a spa opens, or later than their closing hours, you may not be able to make an appointment. And even if you can manage to get out of work during the day, visiting a spa during rush hours means a long wait in line before getting a session.

With Las Vegas Massage, you don’t have to wait in line before a therapist attends to you. Our mobile service lets you choose a preferred date, time, and location, without waiting in line.

Your Post-Massage Relaxation Begins Immediately After The Session

A massage session should relax your body and calm your nerves and mind. After a massage session at the spa, you have to drive or take public transportation back to your house. On the way back, you encounter factors that reduce the positive effects of the therapy you previously had. Therefore, your post-massage relaxation is disrupted. Adequate rest after a visit to the spa is required to make the results last longer. Worrying about the stress of returning to your house during a session reduces the calming effects of the massage.

You Get More Comfort

Having a session in your comfort zone creates a more personalized experience.  With a personal Las Vegas mobile massage session, you enjoy round-the-clock service in a location you can feel completely secure and at-ease in. Getting our Las Vegas mobile massage from the comfort of your home, office, or hotel helps improve your mental state because of that added sense of familiarity and security.

If you want an emotional healing component in your massage, we offer aromatherapy massage. Our aromatherapy sessions are soft, gentle massages with dilute essential oils. During the session, you get a full-body massage while inhaling essential oils through a diffuser to relax your mind.

Take Care of Your Pets

Don’t worry about your pet (or finding someone to care for your pet) while you’re out getting your massage! Our in-house spa therapy means you can still be there for your pet during your sessions. Our technicians are patient and capable of providing a relaxing massage even with your pet around. If you don’t have a place to keep pets during physical sessions, our service is perfect for you. 

Ability To Select From Different Massage Therapists

Unlike physical sessions, you get to decide who attends to you when you opt for our mobile massage therapy. If massages are a routine therapy for your life, you may develop positive relationships with or comfort levels with certain therapists. With mobile massage scheduling, you can request the services of those favorite therapists you already trust. All you have to do is select your preferred therapist when you contact us. 

You Get More Attention During The Session

When you get our Las Vegas mobile massage session, we pay attention to every detail of your massage requirements. We make sure to schedule our therapists so they have sufficient time to see to your needs. This means more focus on those particulars that are important to the effectiveness of your massage!

Las Vegas Mobile Massage Therapy At Your Fingertips

At Las Vegas Massage, we are always researching new and improved ways to deliver the best massage experience to you, in the comfort of your home. Ready to book a Las Vegas mobile massage session? Contact us to book your appointment today.